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my new favorite
The Matamp 2114
4 modes of operation: Mono Valve, Duo Valve, single ended Class A, 2 or 4 valves Push/Pull. Triode/Pentode and Hard/Soft power switching give 4 power levels, making a total of 16 possible combinations. Footswitchable (FS) Voice, Reverb, Overdrive, Mid Boost and Bass Shift.
lots of better pics and specs at their web site.
go to their site and buy one, or better yet take the trip to Englang and watch them make it.
EICO HF-85 HF 85 Tube preamp
tubes are 12AX7A's except for the recifier which is a 6X4
AMPEX 350 tube mic line preamp,
  preamp complete with power transformer,
Elvis Presley, Ray Charles, Nat King Cole, Frank Sinatra all used 350 series preamps
for their early and often great sounding recordings.
Check out the movie RAY - you can see these in the tracking room
 during the scene when Ray records his mutiple background vocals.