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The Tube Amp Hall of Fame 50
The Hall turns   50 !!
Tone Stack Page

K Verb 100watt (and lots of knobs)

DDS-2250V: The all-tube stereo sledgehammer
Go to the site to read up on the mosfet regulator/powersupply

5 x Mullard M8137 (12AX7WA),4 x 6L6WGB,Nestling in the middle is another M8137
 flanked by a pair of Mullard M8162's (12AT7WA) to stoke up the 6L6's.
Download a copy of the Tone Stack Simulator At; Tone Stack

the 'standard' hifi tone circuit, this
usually means the 'Baxandall' circuit, credited to inventor
Peter Baxandall.
Hey read all about it at the Duncan site, Ive spent hours there!!!
(ac-30 ect...)

This is the standard Fender/Matamp/Marshall (Most others) tone stack.
The speculation is useing the hi-fi stack vs the guitar amp stack.
Check this out!!  

The fuses are for Canada's strict electrical codes!!

Must be pre 1986 with no circut board on the Pots!
another white one
Marshal JCM 800 2204 50 watt el34's
A masonette 25 wat 6v6 brand new 2003
and buy one!!!
If you have a pic of a tube amp and I havent posted it already,
 send it to me and I might just post it here, ya I'll give you credit....

Modern Marshall  1959 100w head w/loop
Marshall JMP markII 2204 50w

my personal fav's

Marshall  1959 100w head
Matamp 1224 mk2
Mesa Stelleto ace
Marshall JCM 800 2412 Combo 2x12 50w.
And My 1964 Fender Princton
Hey anyone,send me one of these?
1975 HIWATT SA212 Combo--sweet
Hiwatts just have that clean look!!!

Marshall 50 watt combo Model 4104
this ones been modded //probally tubes( well I found out that big honkin relay
is not a mod its the channel switcher. Damn


well have a good one