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Marshall Mods Page
There seams to be the old debate, to leave the thing alone or fix it to your own personal Tastes.
Hey!! Its you amp so do what you want!!
Im in the process of moving the marshall mod amps previously entered in this here site
 but since it started slow and has grown to a mass of amps, I didnt alphabatize or catolog any thing.
 In other words it might be a while before i move all of them over here, I you see one let me know.
On to the amps with mods!!

<<click to see the PDF on the new Marshall Super100JH
Nates old plie of crap
Do it yourself mods for your Older Marshall.
I have bought alot of stuff from these folks
and I can say they are just what they say they are. no BS  here.
<<click for all marshall manuals
Marshall JCM 800 2210 100 watt head that has been modified by Dave Bray
The owner said,"Most of these are on the bottom of the amp and are not visible unless you turn the amp over". (I dont know what the hell he's talking about)
He modified the lead channel for a cross between Van Halen and Zakk Wylde, and thats exactly what it sounds like.

Marshall 1987x reiusse modded by Scott Splawn
He says this;
 el 34's with master volume has extra gain stage
and separate volume for solo boost comes with footswitch.
The amp is transformed into a high head room four gain stage
 pre-amp design loaded with rich compression and sustain.
We start with any four input, JCM 800 single channel without reverb or the new 1959SLP, 1987X, JCM 800 reissue models.
We thoroughly check the amp out replacing all tubes to get the amp up to specs before we perform the mod.
All components that are replaced are solder back to the circuit board to give the amp an inside factory appearance.
 The amp will have a footswitchable rhythm and lead channel, that goes from the Brown Sound to a modern high gain tone with tight low end response.
A footswitchable solo volume boost to get you over the top of the mix during solo's. They do not drill any extra holes in the chassis, using only existing ones.
The footswitch jack is located on the front or rear depending on which amp is used.
 The solo volume control is located on the front panel, taking place of one of the inputs.
KT 88 tubes available for monster gain and that old feel.
Marshal JCM 800 with Bogner Mod
This is a 1984 2-channel Mk. II Master Model 100 Watt Lead
and was modified by Bogner.  footswitch.
4 Groove Tube EL34's and 5 Groove Tube 12AX7'
About the Mod:
Essentially, Bogner added an extra gain stage to the preamp section
 which eventually took shape in the retail preamp, "The Shark."

This was all done before Bogner started selling his own  products.
He was working with Andy Brauer at the time who owned a high end rental business
 in North Hollywood. That's where this head originaly came from.
Bogner would be in the country for six months to a year then leave to "re-up" his work
 visa so he was back and forth. The modifications that he did on this amp was the preamp
that he sold as his own inside a Marshall head.

Model 2204 built in 1981
Gain Mod done by Doug Hoffman of the renowned but now defunct Hoffman Amp Co.
1989 Marshall JCM 800 50watt head modified by Voodoo Amps! Great condition! Amp includes 2 extra gain changes, bottom knob tightens bottom end, golbal knob changes the over all feel of the amp, lean knob, Girth control tickens the sound of the amp, plus all the regular eq!
1986 Marshall JCM 800 Model 2203 100W Head w/ EL34 tubes with mod work done by LEE JACKSON (Metaltronix) in 1987
This amp has Groove Tubes 12AX7 preamp tubes and four ARS 6550 tubes.

about Lee Jackson and Metaltronix.
Lee Jackson built amps and performed mods for major artists such as Zakk Wylde, Steve Vai, Geroge Lynch to name a few. You can get more info from this excellent Lee Jasonson/Metaltronix info site,
Now about the Lee Jackson Mods on this amp:
- Preamp Gain - This amp has a mod that produces more aggressive gain. JCM 800s sound great stock but they did not have enough gain for 80s metal. The tone is not altered from JCM 800, just more gain.
- Frequency Adjust Knob - This amp has 5 different voicings you can choose from. You can dial in deep full rhythm guitar to lead guitar that cuts through.
- Tube Buffered EFX loop with variable send and receive adjust control - As you probably know, stock JCM 800 2203 does not have EFX loop.
- Dual Master Volume - This amp also have 2nd Master Volume knob that allows you to dial in high gain tone without getting evicted. This is a push/pull knob and pulling it halves the wattage.
- Line Out - You can control the volume level from the front.
another listing of Jacksons amp mods;
Metaltronix mod includes an extra preamp tube for an added gain stage while utilizing the original Preamp knob, included is a 5 position mid freq select knob located where the original master Volume knob that on 1 is a thinner midrange and 5 is a very fat midrange. The Main Master Volume is moved to under the input jack, also included in the mod is a secondary Master/Master Volume knob located by the JCM 800 logo. This Master/Master is engaged only when "pulled out", the concept is 100 watt Marshall's are ear drum killers and need to be cranked for the big tone, also many are super sensitive on the Main Master Volume and can peel your face off by accident when adjusting the volume. Here you set your Main Master Volume and overall sound first, even if its really loud, from there turn the Master/Master to ten and then pull it out to engage. On Ten it is at the same volume as when disengaged, now turn the overall volume down with the Master/Maser until its at a useable bedroom to low stage volume. A great power reduction feature and keeps the tone very useable without discoloring while turning it down.
Warning! Its important to not crank the Main Master higher than about 2 or 3 on this amp with the secondary Master/Master also engaged. The Master Volume is extremely sensitive and 2 or 3 is actually about the same as 10, the Master gets all its volume happening in the early range of the pot. 1 to 2 on the Main Master is plenty and use the Master/Master to bring it down any lower from there.
there you go....

Rare, original early 1980's Marshall JCM 800 Anniversary Series 100-watt amp in white tolex cover, modified by amp guru Todd Langner with his signature on the front panel and dated in 1992. This amp runs on five (5) 12AX7 and four (4) EL-34 tubes. Effects Loop is completely tube buffered with separate level controls for effects send and effects return. "Straight Beef Mod" delivers Todd's signature crunch and ultra high gain with the perfect match of a classic Marshall EL-34 power section,

Marshall JCM 800 White Anniversary Series
100w Model 2203
Mod by Todd Langner
Ultra High Gain plus Effects Loop

nice Pics thanks ..T
1980's Marshall JCM 800 Lead Series 100-watt amp modified by amp guru Lee Jackson with his signature on the inside of the chassis and dated in 1997. This amp runs on five (5) 12AX7 and four (4) E-34L Tesla tubes. Effects Loop is completely tube buffered with separate level controls for effects send and effects return. "Frequency Adj" provides Lee Jackson's six (6) preset sounds, taking you from that Zakk Wylde attack to an early George Lynch /Dokken tone. "Master (1)" works with the preamp control for a high gain sound. "Master (2)" is a push-pull control that works like a built-in power attenuator when engaged. This feature allows you to overdrive the power tubes yet maintain a low overall volume! By combining the uses of both Master Volumes, you can obtain a super high gain tone that is truly saturated

Marshall JCM 800 Model 2203
100w E34L Tesla Tubes
Mod by Lee Jackson of Metaltronix
High Gain, Dual Master Volumes, Effects Loop
6-position Frequency Adjustment Switch and Soldano SLO Control Knobs Set
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